Interview with WytchWyse - The Goddess Morrigan

Interviewed by Joey Morris of Starry Eyed Supplies.

Just after I was contacted and asked to write this article about Sovereignty and the Morrigan in the midst of this global pandemic, I and many others witnessed a truly horrific crime that has now led to mass protesting around the world. Many of us are now standing together in absolute unity in the midst of a global consciousness battle to shift negative and harmful ways of thinking and being. I dedicate this article to the memory of George Floyd, may his light now shine ever bright to bring about the end to all racism, to hate and murder and to all prejudice, Blessed Be.

Morrigan is often portrayed as a fierce Battle Crow Goddess surrounded by crows and ravens in flight, and it is said that She washes the blood from the clothes of those slain in battle in the river of souls, and escorts them safely to the realms of the Otherworld. However, for me, She embodies many more powerful qualities than just her association with death and battle, and I would like to share with you my some of my personal experiences of working magically with Her incredible energies as I feel that Her innate wisdom and guidance may be needed now more than ever. 

Morrigan is a Triple Fate Goddess, and in her aspect as the Goddess Danu/Anu, She can help us to remain grounded and deeply rooted into the Earth even when absolute chaos ensues around us. For me, Morrigan embodies the desolate moorland landscapes of Cornwall and through her ancient stones and serpent hills, I  deeply connect to the raw elemental magic of this sacred Land.  Morrigan helps me to re-connect others back to the powerful natural rhythms that undulate below Cornish soil and to the heartbeat of our Mother Earth.  The goddess Danu is a Fate Weaver and is both a sustainer and destroyer.  She warns us when we are hurting her with her force of storms and raging seas and provides us with fertile abundance to nurture and nourish our very being. Danu is the breath of Spring and the glorious abundance of summer and I call upon her to fill my heart with seeds of hope and the promise of brighter days ahead.

In Her aspect as Badb, She is Scald Crow, brave earth protectress who defends our sacred lands from those who may seek to ravage them and strip them of their natural resources. She gives us the ability to cut through the veils of corporate illusions with her symbolic sword of transparency, enabling us to detox from the media-fed lies that we are drip fed from birth and detach ourselves from the poisonous lifestyle we may have become accustomed and addicted to. She is a fierce defender of those that suffer injustice and cruelty, and She can really help us to magically transmute any deep rooted rage and anger into a powerful force for positive change. 

Badb is the Blessed Weeper at the Three-Way Crossroads who laments and wails for our lost loved ones, The Bean-Sidhe (Banshee) and we can call upon her when we are grieving for our loved ones who are dying, and she brings us strength.  I am especially feeling her presence at the moment with so much death happening around our world. We are in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives worldwide and we can all call upon Morrigan to help us to channel the immense pain, anger and sorrow that we may be feeling in these very turbulent times. She holds us gently in her loving arms and weeps with us to help our grief flow like a river, allowing us to heal gently without inflicting our personal pain on others.

In Her aspect as the Goddess Macha She is the balance in all things, Mother of Shadow and Light and Death and life, and we can call upon this joyous Queen of Phantoms and her reflective and introspective qualities to help us to examine our own shadow selves and gain true retrospection. Macha teaches us all that through the pain and sacrifice that we are enduring presently great rebirth will follow. 

Within Her Cauldron of Change and manifestation we can reclaim our inner shine, our absolute power and our sovereignty over our own lives, helping us to take full responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions and thus relinquishing the control that this globally corrupt system has upon us. Macha symbolises the balance in all things and by restoring our own personal sovereignty we will over time bring a much-needed balance back to the way we interact with one another and with the flora and fauna of this Blessed Earth. 

I am a Crow witch, a corvid rescuer and I have been working magically with Morrigan throughout my life, She has protected and guided me since birth and given me the strength and resilience to rise up from the ashes of abuse and hatred on so many levels, to stand in my empowerment as a witch and to help many men and women reconnect to the real magic of this world. As a result of my close interaction with Morrigan and her crow allies I now have very strong links with Her corvid clan, both in the spirit and the Earth realms. I have been rescuing and rehabilitating corvids for many years and have been spiritually initiated into their clan. 

I am forever walking with Morrigan and this dynamic Raven Goddess of great integrity continues to work magically with me and many others to keep our land and waters protected and our hearts connected. If ever there was a time to connect with Her it is now, we are not at the tipping point we are at the turning point and Morrigan is calling us all back to reclaim our personal sovereignty and wield our symbolic swords of positive change for a cleaner, greener and more respectful future Earth. 

We are the weavers, we are the web!

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