My book is to be published!

My book is to be published!

I have finally finished my book and I am happy to report that it is in process of being published and should be available to purchase very soon, watch this space folks!  I have led a truly remarkable and magical life and have been a practicing witch/wise woman in many incarnations, and within the shimmering pages of this totally unique book I shall be sharing some of my most personal and true magical experiences, daily magical practices, personal poems, insights, spells, charms and recipes and knowledge of the myths and stories that encompass the cyclic, seasonal festivals of the Wheel of the Year.  I am also happy to report that the front cover and illustrations throughout have been beautifully designed and painted by my magical sister of the Old Ways, Naomi Cormack (, whose artwork is truly stunning and deeply magical.  It is an absolute miracle that I have finally finished this book as the last two years have been such a difficult challenge for me on so many levels.  In 2020 on the Autumn Equinox, I was conducting ceremony at St Nectan's Kieve, a sacred waterfall in North Cornwall when I suddenly collapsed and died.  Thankfully I was brought back to life through CPR and then rushed to intensive care, where I underwent two extensive brain operations. I had suffered a major stroke and it was highly unlikely that I would ever again be able to properly walk or talk coherently again, but against all odds I have now made a full recovery.  As dramatic and traumatic this experience has been for both me and my loved ones, it was also a highly shamanic one as I am a Priestess of this sacred Cornish waterfall, and for a Priestess to die and be reborn on the Autumn Equinox at her temple of reverence is supposedly only the stuff of myths, yet this was a real experience witnessed by many people there, including some of my closest sistas.  My life has been filled with real spirit connection, magical moments and unexplainable manifestations, and I am certain that by the time you finish reading my book you may fully understand why I believe that magic is real, and why I practice it daily. My hope is that you will glean what you will from from my words and experiences to help you to fully re-connect deeply to the ancient magic of the Land, Sea and Sky, as I believe it is the severing of this sacred connection that has led us all into this present environmental chaos. A wise runic man once said to me that I would be remembered by the footprints that I leave behind, and finally I can now rest assured that when the Fate Sisters deem it is time for me to cross over realms without returning back this time, my wisdom and magical practices will now live on through this book, a book that I hope will help people once again revere and not fear the sacred magic of old.  Magic has always been here it never went away, most people have just been relentlessly indoctrinated to no longer believe in real magic and are still being encouraged to ridicule, shame and despise those that do.  I am here to tell you a true story, the story of a real witch, a witch who has found the courage to follow my own path and to weave the innate, wild, ancestral magic that has coursed through my heart since birth and before.  I am here to relate the stories and myths of old and finally dispel all the lies and untruths associated with witchcraft that have helped to cause so much trauma to so many, for 'I am Wicce, hear me roar, in shadows I will hide no more, no more shall men deter my fate, nor lead me to the gallows gate, from burning ashes I now soar, I am Wicce hear me roar!'...Wytch means Wyse!


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