A new Witchcraft Museum!

Well it seems that magic really does follow me around where ere I go!  Six years ago my family and I moved back to Blessed Cornwall, and I am so happy to announce that a new Witchcraft and Folklore Museum has now opened up in Falmouth, and my potent Cauldron of Changes global spell is now being housed here, alongside some personal charms. I was also asked to donate some personal magical items to Boscastle Witchcraft Museum in 2021 and my original sigil spell board and charms are on display there also. People can now focus upon my Cauldron sigil board whilst visiting both of these wondrous museums and add their precious magic to this very powerful spell that I began on the Winer Solstice 2016.  I have people from all over the world and from all different faiths and backgrounds focusing with me each Saturday and on every Full Moon at 7pm, and we are all helping to magically weave in new, more positive threads for our future Earth and all Her precious flora and fauna.  I have also donated my very magical wooden pitchfork grown from a single tree which has been used in many ceremonies and spells past, as I know Steve Patterson who is the founder of this exciting new museum will give it a very good home.  Check out Steve's books and please visit his museum if you are in Falmouth, it is situated at the top of Falmouth town just passed the Natural Store, enjoy my lovelies! Happy to announce Steve has now read my book and loved it and will be stocking it in his Falmouth Museum.


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