Meeting Fern Britton and hearing her story about seeing real Cornish Piskies! Read on...

I was asked by Channel 5 to meet up with Fern Britton as part of her new series My Cornwall.  The location was absolutely stunning and being the early bird I am I arrived with time to chat to the local farmer who owned the land we were to walk through.  He was a very interesting chap whose family had been custodians of the Padstow Osses for many years, and he asked me to bless one of the cornfields that we would be walking through as it had quite a dark spirit history.  When the production team arrived a kind young man offered to carry my cauldron and magical tools to our designated location.  I found the journey down there very difficult as I was still in recovery from my stroke but being the determined witch that I am, especially when my spirit guides are spurring me on, I took tiny piskie steps, as I call them, and slowly walked down to the mud flats.  En route we passed through the enchanted cornfield and I stopped to commune with the spirits there and bless the field as the farmer had requested.  I could feel great sorrow there and after a tad of communing with the field spirits and wielding my wind roarer, I began to feel a sense of peace returning and the message the spirits had been trying to convey for so many years was finally heard, and I'm sure from this day forth there will be no more bad luck happening to anyone who enters this field, job done!  When I finally reached the mud flats I made a cracklin fire in my cauldron and set up a comfy chair for me and for Fearn to sit on while we chatted.  At first I chatted about the Cornish sea witchery of old and did a little demonstration of how I personally conduct weather magic. Interestingly, the weather had been very stormy for days and even on the morning of the interview the weather was still a raging, but I managed to wield my wind roarer and appease our weather spirits once again, so the sun shone brightly for the duration of the interview thankfully.  I had crafted Fern a sea spirit shaker just like mine as a gift,  and we had the absolute pleasure of rattlin them together to honour the spirits of the sea and shore, now that was a truly magical moment!  I had a real sense that this particular interview was going to be very interesting but crikey oh Riley it was epic!, this interview shall stay in my heart for a very long time.   There's me thinking I was simply going to chat about sea witchery with her, but it turned out that Fern herself had actually seen a family of Cornish piskies transform into a family of grouse!  This was music to my magical ears! I know that magic is real, I've been weaving real magic and communing with the spirits of the Land, Sea and Sky all my life, but it seems now more people are finally beginning to witness real magical manifestations and events.  My star spirit guides, who I refer to as The Shining Ones told me after my stroke that this would be happening, and I expect more sightings from many more people will follow this one.  When Fern said to me 'People may not believe me when I say I saw Cornish piskies morph into grouse' you can hear my voice say loudly on the video 'I do!',  and I certainly do!  Thank you Fern for being integral and brave enough to speak your truth, I have so much admiration for this woman now, what an absolute star she be.  If you want to see this interview and the rest of her fab series its called My Cornwall and its on Channel 5, I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did, thank Goddess and God I was able to be a part of this magical gem! Blessed Be to the truth tellers, we are going to change this world for the better and help bring the Old Ways back x


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