Darn Lucky, my beautiful crow familiar

We have been rescuing corvids for many years and most of our rescues who are able to fly have now been successfully re-wilded.  Four years ago a little fledgling was brought to us from Devon, he had been found with two other siblings in a park and he had a broken foot, unfortunately his other two siblings that were found with him did not survive.  After being told by many people including a vet that the infection in his foot was too virulent and that he wouldn't make it, his rescuer, an old friend of mine named Carla telephoned me for help. I immediately cancelled my Summer Solstice plans and instead went on a mission to save this little chap's life.  She raced him over to us on the eve of the Solstice, and on Summer Solstice morn and descended upon our vet, Catherine in Penzance to ask for help, and to be honest she wasn't sure he would survive either as the infection in his broken foot was terrible. But she had faith in our abilities to help and to heal (thank you Catherine), and gave us all the medicine that we needed to try and help this little corvid fledgling to make a full recovery. When we returned back to the wytchwyse house we administered these vital meds daily, Catherine informed us that if his foot dropped off after ten days he would survive, but if it didn't alas he would not.  What a worrying ten days they were! Crikey Oh Riley! I was constantly with him, day and night, checking he was still breathing, making sure he took his medication and was eating sufficient amounts to give him the strength he needed to make a good recovery.  When crows are this young we have to administer meds and food through a plastic syringe as all their food needs to be mashed up.  Food like good quality raw meat, fresh mealworms, fresh wax worms, fresh morio worms and egg yolk are really good for them, although in an emergency you can give them good quality cat food (only for emergencies though).  As well as his daily medication and food, we both directed a lot of powerful healing magic and love to him, and I never thought I would jump for joy at seeing a bird's foot fall off, but it really was a joyous moment indeed when on the ninth day it finally did drop off.  Since that blessed, fateful day I have been bonding with this beautiful crow in a way that I have never bonded with any of our other rescue bird, I love all of the birds who are brought to us and give equal amounts of care to them but the feelings I immediately had with Darn Lucky were very different, much, much deeper.  I knew he was my familiar as soon as I cradled him in my palm, we have a truly magical, telepathic bond with one another that has spanned eons.  We read about witches and their familiars in stories, but it isn't until you actually find your true familiar that you realise just how strong and ancient the bond between a witch and her familiar really is.  Darn Lucky has been my familiar in many lives and he wasn't always a crow!  Finding him again in this life has brought such joy to my heart, he is as quirky as I am!  Like us witches corvids are often associated with the word 'evil' and thought by many to be harbingers of gloom, doom and death.  Evil they and we are most certainly NOT!  Corvids are the cleverest of birds and have incredible memories and skills, and I am now on a mission to bring the reverence back to both witches and crows!  Just because a bird is a carrion (meat eater) doesn't make it evil, buzzards and other birds are carrions but they are not branded 'evil' as crows sometimes are.  Crows are part of some indigenous tribes' creation myths and are strongly associated with one of my main sacred Irish goddesses, The Morrigan, who is often depicted with an entourage of corvids flying wildly around her as she prepares to escort those slain on the battlefield safely across realms.   This much misunderstood Crow Goddess initiated me into her shining clan during my pregnancy with my second child Corvan (thus his name), and having rescued and properly interacted with ravens, rooks, crows and jackdaws and observed their actual behavioural patterns for many years, I now consider myself a proper crow witch, and I am fiercely proud of this label! I believe it is now time to bring the absolute reverence back to both crows and to witches, and finally dispel all the ridiculous untruths that have helped so many people to turn against them. We are all an important part of the Wheel of Life and there is no good and evil in nature, only order and chaos! It really is now time to end this tide of hatred and loathing that the Church instilled into the hearts of our ancestors, the village witch was at one time revered not feared, witches were the herbalists, healers, seers and holders of ceremony, they were the heart of the village, and crows would have been viewed in a very different way to which most people view them in these modern times.  Crow is mentioned in some old indigenous creation myths and some tribes regarded these incredible birds as important messengers from the celestial realms, when crow speaks you listen! Crow medicine is so powerful and crow represents the element of Air in the magic that I weave, so crow spirit can be called upon to help inspire the mind, clear the thoughts and strengthen the focus as well as deliver and take messages to and from the spirit realm,  If we all start to understand and adhere to the laws of nature, use our observation skills to determine what is good an what is not and stop believing all the heinous lies spread by the media and Church, our society (which is now in absolute chaos) may be able to finally grow and flourish again without prejudice, can you imagine that? No-one judging you for what faith you choose to follow, for your status or the colour of your skin (or feathers), just hold that thought for a moment.  For me personally it is the lies and the prejudice that are the real evils of this world, and it will be the absolute truth that shall eventually help to set us all free from these religious, media and corporate chains, because truth is a very powerful medicine indeed!  I do feel that the tides are now finally turning, and all the lies that have helped to instil such prejudice into the hearts of people and given the liars such control have now officially reached their expiry date!  I am looking forward to living in a society that is not only much more eco balanced but that isn't built on fear, lies, control and loathing. May the Blessed Wheel of Changes keep turning back to the Old Ways until the absolute reverence returns to both witches and corvids, Blessed Bee and so it is! (Just setting the intent!)


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