My Shining Spirit Guides - The Shining Ones

What an epic witches retreat this was! Back in October 2021 I organised a witches retreat in Boscastle to coincide with the potent energies of this October Blood/Hunters Moon, and 19 glorious women who felt drawn to attend joined me. During our Saturday evening Blood Moon ceremony in the woods  I found myself communing with my star spirit clan who have been interacting with me since birth and before, I always know when they are with me as I get the cosmic shivers, as I call them.  Normally I don't allow any photos to be taken during ceremony, and as I was still in recovery from my stroke, I had asked my close priestess sister Elayne to conduct a reverent ceremony to Cerridwen, and so instructions not to take photos weren't conveyed by me.  At the end of the ceremony one of the women present had taken photos and couldn't wait to show me what her lens had captured, this is one of those photos and if you zoom right in on me (Im the one with the big raven drum at my feet), you can clearly see an image of a blue being with their hand on the top of my head giving me the cunning flame  of healing and old magic.  I certainly don't need any proof that these very advanced beings exist, I know they do, but I thought I would display this photo for anyone who may need to see some physical proof. No photoshopping here my lovelies, this image is the actual image taken on that night of our sacred witches circle as the October Full Moon shone brightly over us.  I believe these ancient, shining beings have many different names in many different cultures, some call them fairies, angels or gods and goddesses; call them what you may!  I call them the Shining Ones, and I believe their home is in the stars and that they visited Earth thousands of years ago and built the many megalithic structures which still captivate the hearts and imaginations of so many people who visit them nowadays. These stone circles, menhirs, quoits, pyramids and temples were erected by them and in their honour and I know I can feel a powerful energy emanating from some of these structures whenever I revisit, and that this energy is in no way an evil force it is an incredibly healing one.  My shining friends have shown me so much in the astral realms, so I know personally that there are definitely other dimensions that exist outside of own reality, we are certainly not the only beings who inhabit this vast Universe. When I died in mid ceremony at my watery temple in the woods, St Nectan's Glen in 2020 on the Autumn Equinox my shining friends were with me, and they told me that Earth is a school of learning, and that even though this was to be my last incarnation on the Earth plane they were sending me back to finish my important magical work, part of which is to help connect people back to the heart of our Blessed Mother Earth and live in a much more eco balanced way with the laws of nature.  Magic has always been with us, people were just forcibly indoctrinated to disconnect from nature and to fear, loathe and ridicule the unseen spirit magic of the Land, Sea and Sky and I, and many others like me are here to convey a very important message to all people, that we are all part of the Web of Word, the Web of Life. Our Earth was bestowed to us not to destroy and pillage without any respect, but to live in balance with and take only what we need to survive, something our ancient ancestors were well aware of, they lived in accordance with the laws of nature. It is now time for us all to truly understand the concept of the One Consciousness, because we could all inhabit this planet in peace if we choose to, we are the weavers of own webs, it is up to each and every one of us to now take responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions, we all need to reclaim our own personal sovereignty; I shall leave you with this very important thought and hope beyond hope that all of your peaceful and loving thoughts soon become actual actions, and that one day our future generations will be telling tales and myths about us, the Shining Tribes of Earth who were not afraid to stand up and make the changes necessary for a cleaner, greener and more fertile Earth and save all species from the terrible mistakes made in the past, the ones who didnt judge one another's religious beliefs, status or colour of skin, the ones who truly understood that our Earth is not just a resource for the taking but is a conscious being, the ones who cared!    This change begins with you!  Blessed Bee to this my lovelies x


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