Surprise Faerie Picnic with a very special guest - Read on...

Come to a surprise faerie picnic in honour of the Willow fan club said my friends Karen and Emily, and so not fully knowing much about it I expected it to be a lovely day with old and new friends who like me love the film 'Willow'.  Well you can imagine my absolute joy when the media turns up and so does Warwick Davis and his family! My son was a tad star struck as he had watched Willow and knew exactly who Warrick was.  We were all to be part of his television series and I even had the joy of reading his runes, crikey he did make us all laugh, such a fab sense of humour he has.  Thank you Karen Kay this magical day will stay with for a very long while, what a treat for us all! Warwick's television series is called 'Weekend Escapes' on ITV, well worth watching! 


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