Blessing Jo's Sacred Spiral at Kozfest

Enjoying the music

Andy Fricker with me and Jo in his glasses! 

Cawgeous sisahood we have - Kozfest

The Spiral Navigators live on stage

The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, Blessed Maggi and me at Kozfest.  They played live on stage and blew the roof off, they were incredible!

A rare moment, one that will never happen again as alas Nik Turner has sadly passed away.  For the first time in 32 years Stacia, Hawkwind's main dancer, danced with Hawkwind at Kozfest. What precious and very magical moment this was!  Stacia later joined me and Jo for a cuppa, she is such a beautiful woman and her presence on stage was electrifying. 

Honouring Cosmik Ken, fly free brother and see you on the Planet Gong one fine day


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