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The Witches, Druids and Shamans of Old, worked with the elemental spirits of the Land, Sea and Sky, imparting their ancient wisdom to us through myths, poetry, songs and ceremonies.

Our ancestors understood that we are all an integral part of the Web of Life and that real magic exists for those whose hearts are open to draw from its flow.

Embark upon a journey of reconnection to the natural magic of Mother Earth with me and reawaken your Wyse Wytch within.

A Day in the life of a cornish wytch

A brief interview with Michelle Elliott, a Wyse Wytch based in Cornwall. Michelle shares her insights into the current roles of modern Wyse Wytches.

Interviewed by Photojournalist Greg Martin of Cornwall Live.

An insert segment with Clive Anderson as part of the Smithsonian Channel programme called "The quest for King Arthur". Here Michelle Mari Elliott or Selkie Shell as she is sometimes known by, describes and creates what would have been a magic potion for shape shifting, in the mythical days of Merlin and Arthur. Notice that a seal came to visit, just as she finishes the ritual.


'Wysecraft - A journey through the Wheel of the Year with a West Country witch' by Michelle Mari Elliott, published by Amber Ankh is now being stocked and sold by Boscastle Witchcraft Museum and other magical retailers, or you can directly purchase via the link below: 


Painting of Michelle Mari Elliott by Becky Mackeonis

Book cover  - 'The Beltane Witch' and main illustrations throughout by Naomi Cornock - nomeart.com

Review from America for ‘Wyse-Craft’

'Wyse Craft -  A Journey through the Wheel of the Year with a West Country Witch' by Michelle Mari Elliott  is quite a remarkable book. The appeal of this book is its raw, elemental power not found in many other books about Witchcraft.  Just like raw honey which has many nutrients and medicine not found in refined honey, Wyse Craft is one of those rare books which brings the reader to an elemental level regarding the Craft.  It also conveys sincerity and knowledge which can be felt through various recipes shared as well as a historical view dispelling the negative views regarding Witchcraft and explaining the true meanings, celebrations of the Wheel of the Year and healing of people, animals and the earth.   Wyse Craft is an excellent book for beginners learning without long laundry lists of "how to" that are found in so many books.  Interspaced are correspondences based on the appropriate festival discussed and subject matter.  Again, Michelle's sincerity and knowledge comes through the pages. For current practioners, Wyse Craft offers a refreshing look about the Craft with interesting information I myself was not aware of.   Wyse Craft is a must read and sets straight what Witchcraft is all about versus the negative feedback given by organized religion. If you want raw with all its healing components read and study Wyse Craft'. [Review by Ed Ponist, US Author]


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