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What is runic reading?

Original Mystic Artwork 'Freya' by  Naomi Cormack -

Wytchwyse personal runic altar pieces  ©

I have been reading Elder Futharc runes for over 30 years and I have developed my own personal set of sea oracle stones and tree spirit oracle to help give you the guidance you may seek. I am not a fortune teller, I simply channel wisdom 'in the now' for you, to help you gain a much deeper insight into how you can reach your full potential and avoid any negativity or adversity. 

My sacred runes were foraged and crafted by myself and my husband many, many years ago from an ash tree branch. I chose ash wood because the spirit of ash is regarded as a very sacred tree in Scandinavian mythos.  It was believed that a legendary ash tree known as Yggdrasil connected all the nine realms of spirit through its roots, trunk and branches.  Three primal, fate weaving sisters Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld were said to draw water from the sacred well of Urðr each day to nourish the roots of this cosmic 'World Tree' and maintain its health. They were the weavers of the Web of Wyrd and spinners of the threads of fate and possessed the ancient knowledge of the sacred runes. The chief god Odin craved this knowledge and was only bestowed it when he hung himself upside down from the mighty branches of Yggdrasil for nine gruelling days and nights without food or water. It was at the point of death on the ninth day when he was finally gifted the ability to see the runes and understand their many layers of innate wisdom.  

The Elder Futharc runes are an absolute way of life for me, and I am ever in awe of their profound wisdom and foresight.  Through my in depth readings and deep connection to the Norns, the Web Wyrd and and the goddess Freya, I can really help you to find your way back to your intended heart and soul path.  

Casting runes at Men-An Tol


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