What is runic reading?

I have been reading Elder Futhark runes for over 30 years and I have developed my own personal set of sea oracle stones and tree spirit cards to help give you the guidance you may seek. I am not a fortune teller, I simply channel wisdom from my spirit guides. This will to help you gain a much deeper insight into what changes may be needed in your present situation, in order to reach your full potential and avoid any adverse or negative situations.  

I combine my psychic and magical abilities with my runes and oracles to bring you a more profound understanding of your true life’s path.  I work on a spiritual level with the ancient energies of the Shining Ones, ethereal star beings, who are described by my Irish ancestors as bringing great healing and magic to our Earth many thousands of years ago.  

Irish myths refer to this race as The Sidhe, and these incredible beings have been interacting with me on an astral level since early birth and in many of my past lives.  Through my in depth readings I am a channel for their innate and profound wisdom.

Original Mystic Artwork by https://www.nomeart.com/


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