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Path of the Wyse Course 2022

This in-depth course is suitable for both beginners and those who are already practicing witches.

Through a series of nine monthly workshops I will be sharing my magical knowledge about the traditions, myths and deities associated with the seasonal Wheel of the Year. You will also learn about mortar and pestle magic, wort cunning (plant spirit magic) and how to create magical incenses, craft charms and amulets and design sigils onto talismans, create a spell bottle and a witch’s ladder, fashion ancestral candles from beeswax and shells, craft spirit poppets for healing and protection, create sacred space and cast real Old Ways spells. My Path of the Wyse courses have helped many people over the years to rediscover the real medicine magic that I believe my ancestors practiced throughout the seasonal year. This year's course 2022 is now fully booked and there will be another course beginning at Imbolc 2023 in Cornwall if you feel a pull to join me please email and I shall place your name on my list. I have plans to launch this course online via zoom sometime soon so watch this space folks!  Together we are helping to keep the Old Ways alive x 

Retreats in Natural Magic and Self-Empowerment

Wytchwyse retreats are located in the heart of sacred Cornwall, a beautiful County of rugged landscapes steeped in ancient myths and legends.  

You will enjoy a deeply relaxing and healing stay in a Cornish retreat house, and under the guidance of a West Country wise woman you will be gently introduced into the ways of natural magic, through practical magical workshops, deep meditations, sound healing and old ways ceremony. 

These spiritually enhancing retreats encourage you to re-wild and re-connect to the spirits of the Land, Sea and Sky and will help to re-ignite your inner shine so you can return to your daily life with a renewed sense of self-empowerment and joy in your heart.      


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