Hand fastings

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Hand Fasting

Handfasting is a sacred marriage ritual that is now becoming more popular with many modern couples who may wish for a more magical and alternative style of wedding.  

This ancient Pagan ceremony involves an exchange of vows, followed by the couple’s hands being gently tied together by ribbons or cords, known as the binding or ‘tying the knot’ ritual.  At the end of the ceremony some couples choose to jump a decorated broom stick to symbolise their leap into a new life together.  

The beauty of a traditional handfasting is that you can choose the location that resonates with your hearts, such as a woodland, a stone circle, a beach or a castle.  Wytchwyse will provide you with the handfasting of your dreams in the location of your choice, giving you a truly unique and very magical wedding experience. 

Included with every wytchwyse handfasting ceremony is a fabulous personalised bottle of our own Mead of Love, a sumptuous brew made with strawberries and red rose petals and imbued with pink rose quartz to bring the essence of real loving magic to both you and your guests.


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