talismans, poppets

How Charming

My powerful charms are fashioned from natural plants, roots, woods, mermaid purses, discarded bones, shells, berries and flowers.  My potent talismans are crafted from discs of wood and imbued with magical glyphs and symbols to help promote fertility, protection, good health, success and attract the right kind of love into your life.

I believe in a concept called sympathetic magic, the principle of like attracts like, and I can craft a powerful poppet for you from clay for healing, protection and fertility.  I mix the clay with medicinal herbs that can further enhance the magical properties of your poppet and may add any personal items that you send to me, such as hair, nail clippings, cloth and small items of jewellery. 

Once you order your charm,  talisman or poppet, I will begin the process of spell crafting on the Dark Moon when the true seeds of manifestation can be planted, and then further imbue with my powerful, magical  intent for a complete lunar month, so please order well in advance.  You can't rush an effective spell! 



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