What are my clients saying?

Thank you so much Shell for conducting our fab hand fasting at Merrivale, everyone who attended loved it,  you are a star, we will never ever forget our beautiful wedding on Dartmoor, lots of love Jackie and Pete, Newton Abbot, Devon

"Darling Michelle - Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like my energy has soared like an eagle. You facilitated my connection to spirit, goddess and heart. I will never forget this weekend and all the time, work, energy and love you have imparted.  Love you darling Shelleth"

Aradia Selene Phoenix, Brixham, Devon.

Shelleth! Ive been a practicing witch for over thirty years and I've learned lots from your rather awesome Path of the Wyse course, keep shining sista, loved this course and love you!  - Jackie Juno, artist, poet, writer, singer, witch, comedienne, Grand Bard of Exeter - jackiejuno@dakinione.plus.com

Oh my dear Beloved! Words cannot convey the deep love and gratitude I hold for you! My ancient sister, our essence connected by the shining thread of life, I am honoured to be encircled in the joy you bring to this world.  I stand with you as caregiver to the transforming power of the cliffed Cauldron and tending that which has been lost, the Goddess forgotten, let us remember, bring it on! Deepest love x

Becky Mackeonis - Earthdreamingarts.co.uk 

Dear Michelle - This retreat weekend at St Nectan's waterfall has opened up so much for me. Ive been poised for this re-awakening for a few years now, and finally it's happened! A truly profound experience that I now carry with me as a new woman, a new beginning and the start of something fundamental and primal for me.  I look forward to working together soon, much love to you.  Hannah Willow - Artist, folklore, hare and crow oracle creatrix and jewelery crafter - Hannahwillow.com 

“True magic was in the air the day of our handfasting at three wishes festival.  We were blessed to have Michelle perform the ceremony; she completely outdid any expectations either of us had. She tailored the ceremony just how we wanted it, there were so many special touches, we were completely buzzing as Michelle weaved her magic” This particular hand fasting was featured in the Fae Magazine, the article is posted on my blogosphere.

Actress Charlie Bond and Filmmaker Peter Ford, London

Dearest Shell, what an amazing weekend, your lack of ego, love and passion for what you do and for the Earth shines out. Don't ever change! Love, light and peace - Sam Lacy www.aurorastar.co.uk

Thank you, twas wonderful, life changing, affirming, connecting, food for my soul. You brought magical people together in a magical space, I will never forget standing in the Cauldron pool together deeply connected to Earth, Water, Air and Fire. To feel the goddess, the water dragon unfurling and feel supported by all the women was wonderful. I am leaving replenished and refreshed, a veritable goddess thanks to you! Keep shining sista, love you - Anne Mattock, Devon

Dearest Michelle, thank you for a weekend full of radiance, thank you for putting your heart and soul into this experience and for your warmth, kindness, creativity and embodiment of the Goddess. I felt a shift over this weekend and the energy is now flowing for me, big love - Cathy, Devon

Dearest Michelle and all the wonderful women that were drawn here, thank you so much for this very special weekend, I have felt so supported, respected and protected. I leave feeling so much has shifted and open to happiness in a way I haven't felt for a long time - Eva, Cornwall

Dearest Michelle - Thank you for such a transformative weekend. it was an honour to work with you and the goddess of this place that we all remembered. I am going forward with my path with all my heart, thank you for my rebirthing! Brightest blessings to you all - Emma, Bude

Wow absolutely amazing! I learned so much from Michelle she had so much wisdom and knowledge, and learnt from all the beautiful souls who made this such a fantastic weekend.  All the women were able to share their knowledge and were listened to and respected.  Really loved it - Wendy Salmon, Devon

Beloved soul sista thank you for inviting me to be a part of this beautiful weekend.  What a magical time we have all had.  My heart is full, my soul is expanded and I am in total love with everything here, you have made one of my sacred places even more special, eternal blessings - Elayne Bines,                                  Priestess of Kernow.co.uk 

Such an amazing weekend! It was safe, warm, full of laughter and joy, full to the brim with magic and echoes of lives past, great company, brightly shining women, a place to learn the Old Ways, chant and howl wildly!  Thank you, love light and blessings - Ulrika, Devon

Thank you very much for this weekend it has been such a wonderful experience. It was well planned, balanced with lots of wonderful workshops and talks organised. Loved every minute of it, really looking forward to learning more from you, lots of love - Karen, Torquay, Devon  

Curse lineage removal healing for Kristen from the USA:

'Yesterday was one of the finest days of my life. I am from South Carolina, US, and have long suspected we have a history of slavery in my family lineage. Upon hearing about Michelle and her book, I asked to meet her to help heal the family karma. My family has experienced untold challenges for generations and I decided enough is enough. Michelle is gifted and an extraordinary person who worked extremely hard for several days to battle the demons and transform the energies from negative to positive through alchemy and magic she has mastered through the years. This was an education for me and our trip to Tintagel was an all day journey that was fun and thrilling. She knows Cornwall and is as enlightened, learned and humorous as anyone I have met. I immediately felt the positive changes while in Merlin’s Cave at Tintagel and highly recommend her to anyone experiencing challenges of any kind. Good riddance to the negative forces that had been disrupting my path in life. Another bonus is Michelle was able to free the spirits of those who casted the negative spells against us. I will be forever thankful she crossed my path in Cornwall and pray we meet again someday. Blessed be! - 


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