‘Rarely do I meet a truly authentic teacher, I attended Michelle’s incredibly in-depth Path of the Wyse course on Dartmoor for a year.  I am blown away by your willingness to share your knowledge so freely and the heart and love you put into your workshops is awesome.  I am looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me, thanks so much Michelle’. 

Janet, Brixham, Devon

Magic with Michelle

Visit me at my home in Cornwall for one-to-one mentorship and learn the Old Ways of a West Country wise woman.  

I will gently guide you into the realms of natural magic and teach you the ancient art of crafting charms and talismans, how to create sigils, creating poppets (spirit dolls) for healing and protection, making potent magical incense, creating spell bottles and witches’ ladders and learning about candle magic and divination techniques.

Outdoor workshops include visiting ancient Cornish Megalithic sites, communing with tree spirits, sea witchery (which can include creating your own sea witch oracle), and a spiritual drum vision quest in a Cornish fogou designed to empower you.  I can be hired out to take groups to sacred sites in Cornwall.

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