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Path of the Wyse course 2022

I am happy to report that my in-depth course in Old Ways magic is now happening and it is so good to be back teaching, I am proof that miracles do indeed happen!  This present course is now fully booked up, and next year I plan to launch it online, watch this space folks! You will learn about the traditional Old Ways festivals, mortar and pestle magic, sigils, talismans and charm crafting, the tools of a real working witch, the Arte of poppetry, moon and tide magic and much more! I hope to be running another course here in Cornwall next year so please email me if your want to placed on my booking list as places on this practical magic course are very limited; email: wytchwyse@outlook.com 

Blood Moon Wytches Retreat 

Boscastle, Cornwall. 

21st October - 25th October 2021

You will be staying a stone built retreat house overlooking the river near to the famous Witchcraft Museum in Boscastle. Workshops include mortar and pestle magic, witch runes crafting, Ceridwen ceremony in the woods with a fire and spell casting. Catering and entrance to the museum is included in the total cost of the retreat. Together we shall weave the wild magic of the Old Ways in a truly enchanted part of Cornwall.



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