upcoming Events

I shall be attending this years Wytches Market in Glastonbury and conducting rune and sea/tree oracle readings, and shall have some copies of my book 'Wysecraft - A journey through the Wheel of the Year with a West Country witch', published by Amber Ankh to sign.  

I've been asked to be apart of this very exciting non residential retreat during the Beltaine celebrations in Glastonbury 2023 - I will be giving a talk about Cornish sea witchery - This will be well worth booking!

The Burning Witch Festival 2023 - I have been invited to do a talk about Cornish Sea witchery and to read my 'Witchling' poem at the opening ceremony - Witches rising together in the land where I grew up, I am literally returning to my roots! Really looking forward to being a part of this.

Past events

The Cauldron Gathering in Wales

I co-organsied the Cauldron Gathering in Wales with my Blessed witch sistas,  Jo Thilwind, Jackie Juno and Kate Hazelwood, we all had such a magical time together in a truly beautiful location.  Jo held the Earth section, Jackie held the Fire, Kate held the Air and I held the Water (of course!). I conducted a water ceremony at dusk and I invited people to wail into my Cauldron to release any pain, it was incredibly atmospheric. This is one gathering that will stay in my heart for a very long time, twas magical to the core! 

Photo of the candle ceremony taken by Peter Yankowski

I co-organised this epic event with my witch sista Jackie Juno and together with five hundred people we honoured the last three women who were executed for witchcraft, Temperance Lloyd, Susannah Edwards and Mary Trembles.  We commissioned three giant Wicca effigies to be crafted for our event and people who attended were invited to hang cloutie prayer ribbons on them in reverence of these three poor. elderly and very oppressed women, and for all witches and people who were, and in some cases still are being accused of witchcraft and tortured or killed.  This event made front page news in the Times and Guardian and appeared on the One Show.  


I had the absolute honour of being part of the White Horse Hill event held at Carolyn Hillyer's,  Rivenstone.  Wearing a Dartmoor horse skull I co-led the procession of drummers with my fire priestess sista Carol, and together with an array of fire swingers we honoured White Horse Hill Woman.  I helped Carol to build the funeral pyre and craft beeswax and moss candles in clam shells to dimly light the pathway of the bones that led to a replica cyst created for this event. Debs crafted the stunning Wicca hare and Mr Raven painted the medicine shield I crafted. This event took place during the year of the horse and was absolutely incredible to be a part of.  Prior to the event Carol, myself and two others journeyed across Dartmoor and located the actual cyst where White Horse Hill Woman's remains were found and we honoured her.  I had the most profound vision here of her whilst I was spinning my wind roarer, was she me? I am not sure, but one thing I do know is I was definitely part of this Neolithic tribe on ancient Dartmoor, and it was no surprise when I was asked to represent her echo for the two ceremonies held over this glorious weekend to honour her memory.  

This is White Horse Hill woman's place of burial, it took us a long while to find it and I had such deja vu when I wielded my windroarer to honour her.  Soon after this I represented her echo in a ceremony at Rivenstone.  During my Druid initiation I was named Morwen Bran Margh Gwynne, which means woman of the raven and white horse. 

I co-organised the Grand Witches Ball in Exeter with my witch sista Jackie Juno, it was a brilliant event with some wonderful magical acts and musicians joining us, all money raised was given to Womankind Worldwide

World Goddess Day at Pengersick Castle - I was asked to wield my wind roarer en high to open the circle and then I conducted practical magic workshops, it was a beautiful event.

I attended all of the Witches Markets that were held in Penzance and as well as reading runes and oracles, I also conducted practical magic workshops and gave talks about witchcraft. 

For seven years we were the notorious 'Stickle Witches', a very mischievous comedy walk about act at the Beautiful Days festival in Devon, organised by The Levellers - We have now officially retired, however one day we may just turn up and cause some more happy chaos there again, be afraid, be very afraid lol! 


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