The Cauldron of Changes

My Cauldron sigil board, it took me thirteen moons to channel this very important sigil, my global spell and some of my personal charms are now being displayed at the Witchcraft Museum in Boscastle and the Museum of Folklore and Magic in Falmouth. 

Painting inspired by my Cauldron of Changes global  seven year spell by Naomi Cornock - 

Interview with Radio Cornwall

Thanks to Crow Fergusen for compiling our Cauldron of Changes video - Pass this Blessed Cauldron around and spread love, not hate, peace, not war!  We are the Weavers, We are the Web!

My important seven year spell has now reached full fruition and our Blessed Cauldron Tetrahedron Star will now carry on spreading our important message without any human intervention - You are welcome to use my powerful sigil for healing as long as there is no monetary gain - We are the Weavers, We are the Web! 

  • This is my original Cauldron sigil 

The Cauldron of Changes Chant - lila


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