The Cauldron of Changes

Under the innate guidance and wisdom from her spiritual Guides, The Shining Ones, Michelle Mari Elliott began The Cauldron of Changes global intention spell/mediation/prayer/mantra during the Winter Solstice 2017.

The group now has people from all faiths and spiritual, backgrounds working together spiritually and magically each week to help people re-connect with nature, re-awaken to the interconnectedness of all things and beings and be much more respectful to one another and to the Blessed flora and fauna of our Mother Earth.  

This powerful and positive intention spell is carried out Every Saturday and on each Full Moon at 7pm (UK time) for 15 minutes and is designed to re-create a cleaner, greener and more fertile Earth for all life to live upon.  Under the direction of her guides, Michelle channelled the potent Cauldron of Changes sigil and a chant using the ancient runes Gebo, Algiz, Odhala, Berkano, which can both be used as a focus for this intention spell.  

Join our Facbook group, The Cauldron of Changes, or simply focus each week with us all, to bring some much-needed positive changes to the way we, as a species, interact with all life upon our Earth. 

The Cauldron of Changes Chant - lila


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