The Cauldron of Changes

Under the guidance and wisdom from my spiritual guides, The Shining Ones, I began this powerful intention spell/mediation/prayer/mantra called The Cauldron of Changes during the Winter Solstice of 2016. I have been weaving prominent magic for over thirty years as a working wise woman, a proper witch of the Old Ways, and when I received the initial trigger that my spirit guides had shown me in an astral vision over twenty years ago, I decided to seed this very powerful spell.  

The Cauldron of Changes group that I set up on Face Book is solely about keeping this intention spell growing and thriving, so our blessed planet and all her precious flora and fauna can once again thrive also.  We are now in the midst of absolute environmental chaos which we have all helped to manifest and it is now our job to put it right and finally learn from the past mistakes we have made. People from different faiths and cultures are now all working together magically and spiritually with me each week to help people re-awaken those primal feelings of interconnectedness which exist between all conscious beings, feelings that our modern society is trying so hard to suppress within us all.   I strongly believe that focusing our strong intent together each week for a cleaner, greener earth with much more eco respectful people living on her, will help to restore the damage we have done, give our children a much brighter future and help all beings survive the climate chaos that is now happening. Since is finally acknowledging a fifth dimension and stating that strong focused intent can have a physical effect, something we witches and shamans have understood for eons. We are now at the turning point and no-one can deny that this isn't happening so please join with me each Saturday and on every Full Moon  at  7pm for this potent fifteen minute focus and visualise clean air, water and fertile earth, no more toxic and very unnecessary pesticides, no more poisons being pumped into our water supply, no more cruelty, war and negligence, we now all need to change our toxic ways.  Let's visualise people and communities working together regardless of faiths , we are one shining tribe that respects all life upon our Blessed Mother Earth, so it is! 

 This is our Blessed Earth and TOGETHER we all are weaving new, cleaner, greener and more fertile threads into our future earth's tapestry, we are the flow, we are the ebb, we are the weavers, we are the web! 

Join my Facbook group, The Cauldron of Changes to bring some much-needed positive magic and changes to the way we, as a species, interact with one another and with all life upon our Earth. 

The Cauldron of Changes Chant - lila


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