The Cauldron of Changes

After receiving a prominent sign from her celestial star clan Michelle spent thirteen moons channelling the potent Cauldron of Changes  sigil.  She then invited and encouraged witches and people from different religions and cultures to work magically and spiritually together in a weekly focus, helping to fully re-connect people back to the Blessed One Consciousness and develop deeper respect for our Mother Earth and all Her precious flora and fauna.   The spell began in 2016 and came into full fruition on Winter Solstice of 2023, and the original sigil board is now being housed at Boscastle Witchcraft Museum in North Cornwall. 

We are the Weavers, We are the Web! 

The original Cauldron sigil board now being housed by Boscastle Witchcraft Museum in North Cornwall. 

Painting inspired by the Cauldron of Changes global  intention spell painted by Naomi Cornock - 

Interview with Radio Cornwall

Thanks to Crow Fergusen for compiling our Cauldron of Changes video, to Karliene for giving permission to use her glorious song 'Mother Earth',  and to all who helped to make this video so magical.

The Cauldron of Changes sigil 

  • This is my original Cauldron sigil 

The Cauldron of Changes Chant - lila


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