Michelle's Story

I am a practicing West Country Witch and an initiated High Priestess, Druidess and Völva who follows the true path of a wyse woman, sharing the ancestral medicine magic of the Old Ways.  I have been working spiritually with the innate wisdom of runes and ogham for over thirty years and have facilitated many events, workshops, courses and retreats in natural magic throughout the West Country.  

I am also a fully qualified Forest School teacher, aromatherapist, Reiki Master healer teacher and handfasting celebrant, and I offer numerous ceremonial services and private readings and consultations.  

I regard myself as a crow witch, and for many years my husband and I have been rescuing corvids and rehabilitating them back into the wild.   Presently we have two corvids living with us who cannot be rewilded, Narnia a beautiful raven and my cawgeous and very quirky familiar Darn Lucky, a beautiful crow, all our other rescues are now back in the wild (read more about this in my blogosphere section).  

 To donate to our corvid rescue mission and ongoing wytchwyse education please send your much welcomed donations via PayPal to wytchwyse@outlook.com, my heart is filled with much gratitude for all donations, thank you my lovelies x 

What is a Wytch?

For me, to be a wytch is to be a wyse woman or man, a healer, a diviner and a traverser of realms, who has knowledge of herblore and works magically with the unseen natural forces of the Land, Sea and Sky to enhance the well-being of their community and the earth. 

The word witch derives from Old English and has two genders, the female being wicce meaning wise woman, and the male being wicca meaning wise man.

I am a Wicce.


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