Michelle's Story

  • I am a practising West Country Witch and initiated High Priestess, Priestess of Kernow, Water Priestess of St. Nectan's Kieve, a Völva and a Druidess who follows the true path of a wyse woman. The magic I weave and share is influenced by Celtic, Scandinavian and West Country Old Ways.  I have facilitated many events, workshops, courses and retreats in natural magic and rune lore throughout the UK and can provide one to one or group mentorship in a more traditional based witchcraft.  

  • My book 'Wysecraft - A journey through the Wheel of the Year with a West Country witch' published by Amber Ankh is available to purchase from Boscastle Witchcraft Museum or follow the direct link the homepage of this website.

  • I have appeared in the media many times and been personally interviewed by American news, Spotlight and Cornwall Live and appeared with the celebrities Clive Anderson, Fern Britton and Jonathon Ross on Their shows for the American Smithstonian Channel, Channel 5 and Channel 4. Ive been interviewed about my life as a working witch and had articles written in Devon Life, Fae Magazine, Witchology Magazine and in the local Cornish, Devon and national newspapers. I am on a relentless campaign to bring reverence back to the village, town and city witches and help to dispel all the untruths and lies about real witchcraft, so I welcome all interviews! 

  • I co-organised the Cauldron Gathering, The Witches Ball and The Grand Witches Tea Party in Exeter, which was televised by The One Show, The Guardian and The Times.

  •  I am also a qualified aromatherapist, Reiki Master Healer Teacher, Pagan hand fasting and funerary celebrant, and offer numerous ceremonial and magical services, private rune and sea/tree oracle readings and runic healing. I have been working magically with the Blessed Norns, Freya and the Elder Futharc runes for over thirty years. 

  • I was a Forest School teacher for many years in South Devon and received many grants including a National Lottery Awards for All to bring Forest School into South Devon and into Primary schools. My four year project 'Warrior kidz' project brought aspects of myths, magic and re-enactment role play into the woodlands of Sharpham and Dartington Estates in Devon and was a great success.  I also helped to set up a Forest School in Denbury, Devon called Oakwood Forest School which is now flourishing.

     Below-  Interview with Fern Britton for her series 'My Cornwall' on Channel 5 - Live on camera Fern told me she saw a family of Cornish     Piskies magically morph into grouse, now that's magic!

Wielding my blessed wind roarer at Men-An-Tol, West Penwith, Cornwall

What is a Wytch?

For me, to be a wytch is to be a wyse woman or man, a healer, a diviner and a traverser of realms, who has knowledge of herblore and works magically with the unseen natural forces of the Land, Sea and Sky to enhance the well-being of their community and the earth. 

The word witch derives from Old English and has two genders, the female being wicce meaning wise woman, and the male being wicca meaning wise man

'I am Wicce. hear me roar!  In shadows I will hide no more!                                                                   No more shall men deter my fate, nor lead me to the gallows gate.                                             From burning ashes I now soar, I am wicce, hear me roar!                                      

Exert from a poem by Michelle Mari Elliott                                                                                                                                             


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