Michelle's Story

I am a West Country witch and a Völva, following the true path of a Wyse Woman, teaching and sharing the ancestral Medicine Magic of the Old Ways. I am also known by the name of Selkie Shell as I have deep affinity with the Sea Spirits and was given the Druid name of Morwen Bran Margh Gwynne, during my initiation, which signifies my affinity to the White Horse and Raven Clan.

For many years I have been a Forest School teacher and have supported the integration of rural life skills into children's' play. I was employed by SHDC to as a play day coordinator and received a National Lottery Grant to facilitate and organise the Warrior Kidz Project

For over thirty years I have been working with the innate wisdom of the sacred runes and ogham and facilitate workshops, courses and retreats to help people commune with the spirits of our Land, Sea and Sky and to fully reconnect to the consciousness in ALL beings. 

I am a seasoned handfasting and funeral celebrant and offer numerous ceremonial services and private consultations.

What is a Wytch?

For me, to be a wytch is to be a wyse woman or man, a healer, a diviner and a traverser of realms, who has knowledge of herblore and works magically with the unseen natural forces of the Land, Sea and Sky to enhance the well-being of their community and the earth. 

The word witch derives from Old English and has two genders, the female being wicce meaning wise woman, and the male being wicca meaning wise man.

I am a Wicce.


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