A REAL Faerie Tale Wedding

Truly, magic was in the air on the day of our handfasting at 3 wishes fairy festival in Cornwall! We were absolutely blessed to have had Selkie Shell (Michelle Mari Elliott) perform the Handfasting Ceremony, who completely outdid any expectations either of us had.

From the first phone call, I knew she was a truly Wyse Woman, her calm instructive voice made me feel completely at ease and assured me a wonder-filled day was in store. She asked loads of questions about us she wanted to truly tailor the ceremony, and we just ended up having a heart to heart. I knew it was going to be wonderful.

Festival day came, and Peter and I nervously waited in the gorgeous little shepherd’s hunt, which was set out for our honeymoon suite by, complete with a bottle of organic local fizz. He helped me with my wings (a huge bronze vintage pair created by Angela of Fancy Fairy Wings & Things!) and I laid a beautiful garnet gemstone crown on his, dark floppy hair.

The King and Queen of Elfhame themselves must have possessed us at that very moment, because once I had laced my beautiful Faerie wedding gown from Izzy Ivy Bridal, and topped it off with my stunning head piece from Ambur Rose Designs, I truly felt like Titania, with my handsome Oberon by my side.

We heard the drum calling us to the stone circle, and from that point on, everything became hazed and mystical. From the Unicorn that greeted us at the entrance to the wonderful elemental Faeries that stood within the circle to bless us with gifts.

Selkie Shell had worked the whole morning to create an incredible experience, she had even remembered my love for dragons and had enlisted Amy Dragon Masterto welcome us into the circle and an owl to bless us during the ritual and even woven in “hagstones” into my/our handfasting cord, there were so many special touches.

With all the love that encapsulated us in the sacred space, we were absolutely buzzing as Shell wove her magic. The atmosphere was electric, almost palpable and everywhere we looked there was a smiling faerie festival goer watch us read our vows to each other.

By the time it came to jump the broom as the Faerie and King and Queen, my beloved and I were emotional wrecks! Luckily we held it together long enough for photo’s and the were off to enjoy a glass of champagne, courtesy of the Velvet Buccaneer, and a slice of our delicious wedding cake from Mugwort at the family Foraging Kitchen!

I am so glad we held our handfasting here. Karen couldn’t have done more for us or made us more welcomed, she really pulled out everything together with no stress or planning, and all that was left for us to do was write our vows.  

The Faerie wedding was the epitome of the festival, everyone coming together as One – 3 Wishes – One Love!


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