Honouring the Wyse women I personally know and highly recommend

Jackie Juno is one of my closest friends and she is a remarkable woman! Jackie is multi-talented, she has been a practising witch for many years and is lead singer with the awesome band 'The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet.  Jackie facilitates workshops in creative writing, tarot, shamanic journeying, sound healing and much more! Jackie is also a comedian and has performed her hilarious act all over the UK.  Jackie co-organised the Grand Witches Ball and Tea Party with me and for seven years I conducted magical workshops with her on her Cornish retreats in Cape Cornwall.  Jackie was voted Bard and then Grand Bard of Exeter some years ago and is a renewed poet.  To find out more visit her website:

Jo Thilwind

Jo is one of my closest friends.  She is a working witch and an incredible artist. She's also a sacred creative and crafts jewellery and magical tools.  Her beautiful paintings now adorn many walls all over the world, and she also designs album covers and accepts commissions.  Jo lives in Cheshire and organises fabulous retreats and workshops in art, natural crafts and magic.   She is also an animal rescuer and presently has Pharoah and Maia, two beautiful dogs living with her who are both blind and prior to living with Jo suffered abuse.  Jo has also helped to rescue many other dogs and find loving and caring homes for them.  Together with me, Jackie Juno and Kate Hazelwood Jo co-organised the Cauldron Gathering in Wales and is now offering magical retreats in Cheshire designed to empower women and reconnect them back to the real magic of our Earth.  To find out more visit her Face Book page 'Dreamspaceart' and 'Ravenheart Natural Witchcraft'. 

Elayne bines

Elayne is a close friend of mine and we share a love of megaliths and real magic.  She trained at Glastonbury Goddess Temple and is a Priestess of Rhiannon and Cerridwen and is now offering Priestess of Kernow training and this in-depth course focuses on the magic of Cornwall and the many aspects of the Goddesses associated with the Wheel of the Year and the Land, Sea and Sky. I am now an ordained Priestess of Kernow and highly recommend this course.  Visit her website Priestess of for more details of her wonderful courses.

Sadly Elayne passed over to the Summerlands in 2024.  Her memory will forever remain deeply embedded in many hearts and her Priestess of Kernow legacy will continue on helping more women connect deeply with the sacred lands of Kernow and the Goddesses of the Land, Sea and Sky.   

Fly free dearest of sistas and I will join you once again at fair Caer Sidhe when the Fates allow xxx

Naomi Cormack

Naomi is a close friend of mine who lives in Devon.  Her art is truly inspiring and each piece she completes emanates pure magic, her paintbrush is her wand! Naomi is the main illustrator of my book and she designed the front cover, I am now officially 'The Beltane Witch' in her latest series of paintings which are all amazing.  Naomi has designed the Old Ways oracle which is now my favourite  oracle, each card is so beautifully painted and really encompass the sacred magic of our Old Ways.  You can view her artwork on her glorious website -, enjoy my lovelies you are in for a treat! 

This painting was inspired by an eve under the Blood Moon at St Nectan's Glen.  I invited a group of friends to join me at my watery temple in the woods to perform magic for my Cauldron of Changes spell and Naomi painted this in the weeks that followed.  It is a depiction of me and my Cauldron and all the spirits that she felt were working with us on this magical eve.  Naomi gifted me this painting and I truly treasure it, she is a remarkable artist.


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