My Shamanic death and rebirth at St. Nectan's Kieve

I am a Priestess of St Nectan's Kieve, an ancient waterfall in North Cornwall.  I regard this sacred place as my temple and have been conducting ceremonies here for over thirty years.  On the Autumn Equinox of 2020 our waterfall priestess group met to give healing back to our beloved waterfall goddess, Silina (She whispered her name to me many years ago).  What happened next is the stuff of old myths, I literally became a 'Lady of the Lake' in mid ceremony, I was wielding my windroarer to honour the spirits of this magical place (something I have been doing for over thirty years ) when suddenly, without any warning at all I collapsed and fell backwards into the sacred waters, and died.  I was then brought back to life by a member of the public (Blessed Maggie Clements), and then rushed to intensive care via Air Ambulance.  I had suffered a major stroke and after having two extensive brain operations, I have been in recovery ever since.  It has been so very challenging on so many levels, and the stroke has left me with many ailments, but according to my surgeon I really shouldn't be able to walk nor talk.  To help with my mobility my good friend jack Tree from the Tribe of Mog crafted and gifted me a very magical walking staff whom I have named 'Mr Crowkins', and he now helps me to balance myself and walk short distances, thank you Mr Jack!  It is the love, care and support from my family and friends that has helped me get through one of the most challenging times of my life, and I am so very thankful for every one of you, you are all shimmering stars in my heart. 

Oh, and if you be a wondering what I saw and heard beyond the veil when I traversed realms, I will relate to you now some of what I can remember.  

I knew I was returning home to my shining clan (the Blue Ones,who have been astrally visiting me since birth, and before in may lives) and I flowed excitedly to greet them all.  I flowed with the glorious One Consciousness and realised there is no heaven nor hell (this is a human concept), and that there are many different realms of being.  I passed by an ocean of souls waiting to reincarnate and felt why we actually do this, to experience all emotions wether positive or negative why?  Because the One Consciousness is simply pure love. I heard all their voices and yet there was one only one voice.  I heard and flowed with the Universal orchestra of the cosmos and realised how little we humans actually know about the powerful, creative energies of sound.  I felt joyous to be flowing home, excited to soon be relating my time on Earth to my beloved star clan,and then one very loud voice told me I had to return, that my time on Earth wasn't yet over and I still had important work to do, and then according to my dear sister Elayne Bines I awoke whilst on the stretcher, opened my eyes briefly and asked her 'Can you hear the music?'.  My next memory was waking up, not knowing who I was or where I was, and then seeing Mr Raven staring lovingly at me and giving me a book of memories and photographs.  

Over the last three years I have reclaimed many memories and taught myself to walk and talk again, although my overall short term memory has been greatly affected; and even though I cannot now walk far, nor unaided and have daily bouts of disjointed and stammering speech and a very strange post stroke syndrome, I am alive, alive O', and feel so very grateful for the breath of life.  Many real magical events have taken place for me here at my watery temple the woods, some of which have been witnessed by others, but by far this is the most powerful and life changing one of them all!  And no doubt I shall be the stuff of future myths, what happened to me was truly shamanic.  For a priestess to die and be reborn at her temple on such a liminal day as the Autumn Equinox is a very rare and symbolic event indeed!  

And the reason they sent me back was to share the real magic of this world with you all which I have now achieved through my book, 'Wysecraft'.  The stroke took away many of my memories but I didn't forget any of my magical teachings or practices, and at times I could feel the indigenous ancestors supporting me and the Divine Imbas flowing freely through me.  My book is already having a powerful effect and my Wyrd is now spreading far and wide, helping many people to reconnect to the magic of the Land, Sea and Sky and bring absolute reverence and respect back to the real witches of our world.

I can finally now put up my broom for a while and fully rest and recover with my beloveds and my faithful familiar Darn Lucky the crow, I am so thankful to have such a quirky and loving clan.  As difficult and challenging the last three years have been I have once again learnt muchly and look forward now to whatever may lie ahead, wether good or not so good because life really is for living!

Blessed Bee my lovelies  x

I had the honour of escorting my shining South American sista Pat McCabe to St Nectan's Glen and here Pat conducted a sacred pipe ceremony for us all, what a magical moment that was. 


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