Merry Meet with Fern Britton

I was contacted by Channel Five and asked if I would appear on Fern Britton's new TV series called 'My Cornwall', so we hopped into the witch mobile with my Cauldron, and with help to carry everything from the TV crew (thank you guys!)  I just about made it to the stunning location they had chosen, just outside Padstow.  I chatted with Fern around my Cauldron about how the Cornish Sea witches of old practiced their weather magic and would be paid by fishermen and sailors to quell storms or bring on strong winds to help them sail and fish safely in the notoriously tempestuous Cornish seas, we call this magical Old Ways practice 'Selling the wind'.  I thought I was simply there to give a talk about Old Cornish Sea witchery, but you can imagine my absolute glee when live on camera Fern told me she had actually witnessed a family of Cornish Piskies magically morph into grouse before her very eyes! Now that's magic folks! Something else happened en route, I met a local farmer and he asked me if I would bless one of his fields as it had a dark murderous history so I entered this cornfield and spun my wind roarer en high and blessed the field in the name of the Goddess and God, I could really feel the ancestors working through me.  It also turns out that his family are guardians of one of the Padstow Ossess and he showed me a giant old penny coin with a Cornish Piskie proudly carved onto it, this coin had been passed down through his family for generations.  This was one of my favourite interviews yet and it was so lovely to meet Fern.  Needless to say it was headline news all over the media when the programme aired, I feel honoured that she chose me to tell her piskie encounter with, what a fab interview this was. 


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