Some of the many corvids we have rescued


Meggie Moon - She was rescued as a fledgeling from behind a bin in Totnes and after much tic and care she was fully rewilded.  She did come back daily for treats, and we ended up having about forty jackdaws queuing up on our back garden fence daily for treats also. We said our goodbyes to them all the day before we moved from Devon back to Cornwall, and then on returning back to our old house a few months later the neighbour informed us that she hadn't seen any of the jackdaws since our departure, those clever corvids must have observed us packing up and leaving and fully understood what was happening!  We often think lovingly about Meggie Moon, she now has permanent place in our hearts x

dARN lucky the Crow

Darn Lucky was brought to us by Carla from South Devon on Midsummer Eve 2018, he had a broken foot, wing damage and a severe infection. We rushed him to our vets in Penzance and were told the odds of him surviving were not good because the infection was so advanced, however she also told us that if hisinfected  foot dropped off after ten days of administering medication he may just survive.  Well, you can imagine how unsettling those ten days were and I never thought I would be elated to see a crow's foot dropping off!  We quickly bonded and he has now become my best friend, crikey I love this crow, he be as quirky and as magical as I am!  A witch needs a familiar! 

Above photo - Darn Lucky helping me at my book launch held at Falmouth Museum of Magic and Folklore


Loki the rook - Brought to us from North Devon after being hit by a car - Loki recovered from her injuries and lived with us for three years, Alas the impact of being hit by the car resulted in her having a major stroke and she then passed over peacefully to the Summerlands.  Loki was a pure joy to be around and we miss her so very much, fly free rookstar x

Odin the raven

We were asked to visit a rescue raven who seemed depressed at a Devon Bird of Prey sanctuary and immediately this incredible bird fully bonded with my husband.  After months of visiting him daily the woman who ran the sanctuary asked if we would home him and of course we said yes!  We built him an outdoor and indoor aviary and when we moved back to Cornwall Odin moved with us.  The rest is nothing short of a raven love story and after being courted daily by a wild raven female whilst her present raven partner watched from the oak tree in our back garden, my husband allowed him to fly off with her.  He is now flying wild and free with his mate and often circles our house daily to say hello to us.  We have now helped to dispel two myths about ravens, one that they mate for life (not all do and the female can choose to change partners if she wants to), and that once a raven has been imprinted upon by humans the bird cannot be released back into the wild, they can!  It is joyous to see and him him each day, wild and free the way nature intended, a real heartwarming raven story this be.


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